Posted by: shatteringsamskaras | August 13, 2014

Meet Sue and Claire: The Blog Tour Continues

Last week Caitlin Sanders  invited me to be a part of a blog tour. This week, I’ve invited two cool and interesting people to join the journey. Check out their writing process – and also the work they do in the world. Sue focuses on homeschooling, and Claire on decluttering, and they are both interesting and fun to read. Enjoy!

Sue Patterson lives with her husband outside of Austin, Texas. Her three children grew up and moved away, leaving behind their pets and boxes of childhood memorabilia. About that same time, Sue’s 84 year old mother moved in with them. Her Empty Nest, wasn’t empty for long! Sue is the Managing Editor of The Homeschooler magazine, is finishing a book interviewing 75 grown homeschoolers and helps people as a life coach and mentor. Find out more about her at .

Claire Noelle Frost has been a Decluttering Coach since 2006. Based out of Brooklyn but available exclusively over the phone, Claire is getting trained as a Certified Coach in Martha Beck’s program. Once you clear your clutter with her patient and focused support, she can also help you design your newly organized space with beautiful, earth-friendly storage solutions. Meet her at 



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