Posted by: shatteringsamskaras | December 15, 2014

Shining Mirrors

My local yoga community is saying Aloha to one of its glowing lights, because she’s moving to Hawaii in the next few weeks. As I talked with her at a celebration of her work and her influence on the community, a yogi with a new baby came into the conversation. We remarked on the beautiful sight of the infant with her eyes fixed on her mother. The new mother observed that it was quite a compliment when people would tell her that this adorable infant looked like her.

Amy then observed that she was feeling something similar at these gatherings related to her work and to sending her off with love. “They say we attract people who mirror or own energy. Looking around, all I can think is if that’s true, I ROCK!”

Having known her the better part of a decade, having been in her classes, having collected jewelry she created, having watched as she launched a successful yoga studio, I can confirm that Any rocks in any number of ways. And, standing there among people who simply glowed with love and gratitude, I am grateful for the amazing people in my life. I am awed by the light that they exude… and by the idea that something similar comes into the world.

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